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28 Moordeich
25845 Nordstrand

Nordstrand Cottage - ausspannen, erholen und Urlaub machen im Ferienhaus am Wattenmeer.



Over de stille Straten
Geit klar de Klokkenslag:
God Nacht! Din Hart will slapen,
Und morgen ist ok en Dag.
— Theodor Storm

Nordstrand is today a peninsular, easily reachable by car through a causeway, built at the beginning of the 20. century. It is set in the center of the world-famous UNESCO-Worldheritage Wadden Sea, a place like no other in the world, and one of the biggest national parks in Europe. Nordstrand is the perfect vacation-spot for everyone looking for relaxation by the sea or interested in nature and the uniqueness of the Wadden Sea with its unique tidelands.


For more information about Nordstrand and the Wadden Sea UNESCO Worldheritage, please follow the links below:

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